Property purchase in Latvia
Real estate in Latvia – your secondary home or an object of investments

Real estate in Latvia
The real estate market in Latvia offers quite a wide choice – new, renovated, exclusive or – just on the contrary – low-price apartments in the Riga centre or in the suburbs; apartments in historic buildings that will never depreciate; private homes in Riga or aboard or in Jūrmala – within few minutes’ walk from the Baltic Sea. What are your wishes, requirements and goals? Tell us about them – we will help to find the most appropriate real estate for you!

Purchase of a real estate
One of the biggest advantages for buying an apartment, a building or land in Latvia is relatively simple, quick and not very expending process of property purchase. Depending on the chosen property you may receive up to 85% bank financing for purchasing it; the state fee for registering the property is only 2% if the purchase amount, but formalities will take no more than one month.

Assistance in buying a property from A to Z
Our team has a long-term experience working with non-residents in Latvia. We are fluent in several languages and certainly we have an excellent command of the real estate market and all the processes involved in the property purchase. Therefore we will help you to find a property; to agree upon the best price; if needed, to obtain the bank financing and settle all the matters regarding registration of the property.

An object of investment
Since 2009 when the prices of real estate had reached the lowest point, they have increased by 28% in average. Currently the real estate market in Latvia is stable, with a prudent, steady but continuous rise of prices. Once bought, the real estate may be rented so you can sell it afterwards for a much higher price.

Low utilities
Surely, they depend on the area of the property and other factors, still an example form our experience and everyday life shows that a one-bedroom apartment on the Riga centre will cost you approximately 150 euros in winter and less than 100 euros in summer (maintenance, heating, water, electricity and gas).

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Your secondary residence – home in Latvia
Why are the Western Europeans increasingly choosing Latvia as their secondary residence?

Fresh air, not overcrowded
Latvia is nearly twice as big as Belgium, still the population just slightly exceeds two millions, the majority of the territory is covered in woods and the citizens are very careful with the nature.

Riga – entire world
The national airline Air Baltic that is one of the best airlines in the world connects Riga to nearly all the world.

The issue of security currently being so urgent is nearly non-existing in Latvia. Yes, you do have to watch your belongings and lock the door of home as well as observe other measures of security, still there are no threats of terrorism in Latvia.

Absorbing events and activities
Rīgā un citur Latvijā gandrīz katru dienu notiek kāds pasākums – brīvā dabā, kopā ar ģimeni, sportiski vai muzikāli pasākumi. Turklāt Jūs varat rīkot savus pasākumus, dodoties izbraucienā ar velosipēdu, pastaigājoties gar jūru vai apmeklējot kādu izklaides centru.

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